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Mar 1, 2020

We are excited to kick off a new month with a new theme! March is National Women’s History month so this month’s guests will all be badass women who are athletes and/or advocates for clean sport. For this first episode of the month, we interview Nike-sponsored athlete from the Bowerman Track Club – Colleen Quigley.

We often get the critique that we are anti-Nike, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We are simply pro-clean sport, and we will condemn actions by Nike or any brand that are against our mission. At the same time, we will celebrate actions by Nike or any brand that further the cause. As just one example, Colleen Quigley and her teammates at the Bowerman Track Club should be celebrated, and we are excited to share this interview with you.

Colleen is an NCAA champion and Olympian in the steeplechase which means she makes her living on the track hurdling barriers and water pits for 7.5 laps at a time. Her story is an interesting one because she didn’t move to the steeplechase until she went to college at Florida State University, but she took to it quickly and would ultimately fulfill her coach’s prediction that she would win an NCAA Championship in the event.

Kara and Chris chat with Colleen about her early days in the sport, her collegiate years at FSU, and of course her transition to the pro ranks at the Bowerman Track Club, where she trains with the fastest group of women in the country. Colleen discusses her secrets to striving for excellence and what it’s like to train with such an amazing group and now be coached by the great Shalane Flanagan.

Then, we dig into the tough topics including prominent doping violations within her event and within the Oregon Project at Nike itself. She discusses her own reaction to the Alberto Salazar suspension and Mary Cain revelations as well as the dynamics between the Bowerman team and the Oregon Project. Finally, we discuss the evolution of footwear including the impending application of Nike Vaporfly technology to the track and what should be done with shoe regulations.

What you see is what you get with Colleen, and we appreciate her courage and openness in our discussion. As someone who has signed the Clean Sport pledge, we believe in Colleen and will be cheering for her to make another Olympic team in Tokyo this summer!