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Sep 29, 2019

With this week's episode, we switch gears from interviewing athletes to interviewing a journalist. Kara, Chris and Shanna are joined by Bonnie Ford to discuss doping and the pursuit of clean sport. 

Bonnie is a senior writer with ESPN who covers cycling, Olympics sports, tennis, soccer, and a host of other sports. She has covered more than 14 Tours de France including the Lance Armstrong and Chris Froome doping cases. In addition, she has interviewed anti-doping whistleblowers, including Floyd Landis, Yuliya and Vitaly Stepanova, and Kara herself.

With Bonnie, we cover a range of topics including her first exposure to doping in sport, what it was like to cover cycling during the Armstrong era, what she believes athletes can do to stand up on this topic, and how fans can remain hopeful in the fight against doping.

Bonnie's perspective on this topic is objective, deep, and insightful. We need more journalists like her who are willing to ask the hard questions while covering this topic thoroughly and with regularity.