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Aug 25, 2019

In this episode Kara Goucher and Chris McClung interview Adam Goucher. Adam (aka Mr. Kara Goucher) is a 4-time NCAA champion in cross country and track and field plus an Olympian in the 5K, and he has the highest US male finish in the World Cross Country Championships (6th) since 1986. 
Adam brings a unique and crystal-clear perspective on clean sport as an athlete that competed in the time period before a drug test for EPO was introduced. Adam tells a story about kicking a suspected dirty athlete off the track at the University of Colorado and talks about his role in supporting Kara in her move to leave Nike. It is particularly powerful to hear Adam and Kara interact during this interview as they reflect on difficult times shared together in the sport. 
Adam also recently told the story of the heartbreaking treatment of Kara by Nike during her pregnancy and after the birth of their son Colt. Though this blog came out after the interview with Adam was recorded, it shows further perspective on Adam's role in supporting Kara as well as trying to fight for what is right for all athletes and especially female athletes in sport. Here is a link to the blog:
Adam now runs the business Run the Edge with his friend Tim Catalano. Learn more about Run the Edge and the Run the Year challenge at
In addition, here is the link to the ProPublica story on doping allegations at the Nike Oregon Project: