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Jun 28, 2019

With episode #5 of the Clean Sport Collective podcast, Kara Goucher and Chris McClung interview ultra marathoner Ian Sharman (@sharmanian). Ian has won over 50 events including the Leadville 100-Miler 4 times. He's also finished top 10 at the Western States 100 nine times and owns the fastest time to ever complete the Grand Slam of Ultras, a series of 4, 100-milers in just 10 weeks. Ian is going for his tenth top 10 at Western States this weekend (starting June 29).

With Ian, we talk about his background, how he got into trail ultras, tips for those who might be considering going long (including Kara), and of course, his perspective on clean sport in the ultra world. Our discussion includes his thoughts on how to build a culture of clean sport as well as what he thinks about marijuana as a performance enhancer. Ian's perspective on this topic is refreshingly black and white.