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May 10, 2020

Ben Rosario is the founder and head coach of Team NAZ Elite sponsored by Hoka, but he has done it all in our sport. He's competed in 2 Olympic Marathon Trials, finished 2nd in the US Marathon Championships, owned a running store in St. Louis, directed meets and events, and coached athletes of all levels. He, of course, coaches 4 of our prior guests from this year including Scott Fauble, Stephanie Bruce, Kellyn Taylor, and Olympic Trials Champion Aliphine Tuliamuk. 

Having seen the sport of running from all sides, Ben brings a sharp and unique perspective to a host of important topics from how you innovate in marketing as a team to how you create a better culture for clean sport globally. Kara and Chris lead this episode starting with Ben on his beginnings and early inspirations in the sport. We talk about how and why he became a coach, how he developed the strong team dynamic at NAZ Elite, and of course, what it was like to cheer on his athletes to incredible finishes at the US Marathon Trials including Aliphine's victory.

Then, we turn to his perspective on clean sport from his time as an athlete to what he believes needs to be done to truly make a difference in the fight against doping in our sport. Finally, we cover his team's approach to the current pandemic and what they are doing to stay ready for the delayed Olympics next year, including some fun ways that fans can engage in their journey.

Ben is making big waves in our sport through Team NAZ Elite. He is direct and to the point about how to make our sport cleaner and more inspiring for all levels of athletes, and we are proud to help elevate his voice.