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Mar 29, 2020

We are excited to wrap up this series for Women's History Month by interviewing Sally Bergesen, the Founder and CEO of Oiselle. Sally Bergesen founded Oiselle in 2007 and since then has been making both better apparel and big waves in the sport of running.

In this interview with Kara and Chris, you will hear about her childhood growing up in Berkeley, CA as a self-proclaimed troublemaker including one funny example of challenging authority in her home economics class. From there, she discusses her parallel journey as a runner and on the road to founding Oiselle, where she has had a big impact as an advocate for women and for a better sport for future generations.

We talk about sports governance, #dreammaternity (and Oiselle's role modeling there since 2013), and particularly what brands can do to advocate for clean sport. Sally was a troublemaker as a child and is now a troublemaker (in a good way) in our sport. We can't thank her enough for her fearless leadership to promote positive change.