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Feb 26, 2020

Warning: if you listen to this episode, you might be inspired to run all-out hill repeats with an uncontrollable smile on your face. Sara's love and passion for running is THAT contagious! Sara is a 2:22 marathoner (#6 all-time), but like many of our interviewees in this series, her marathon time only tells a small part of the story. She is a multi-dimensional athlete and person, and Shanna and Kara explore it all in this discussion.

Sara talks about her running career including how it began exploring the woods as a kid alone in her home state of California. She discusses her time at Stanford and what she learned from the great coach Dena Evans. She gives details on how her relationship with Ryan Hall began and how it has evolved through his elite running career to the present day with him as her coach. She shares what led them to adopt 4 orphan girls from Ethiopia and what it's been like integrating them into their life here in the US. And of course, we get her perspective on shoes and clean sport and how she wishes we could all experience the purity of the sport she fell in love with in the woods as a kid.

Sara is one of the nicest people we know, but don't let that fool you. She is also a fierce competitor and will no doubt be making waves on the course in Atlanta. We can't wait to cheer her on as she tries to make her Olympic dream come true. Go Sara! 

This episode concludes our series interviewing 9 of the top contenders for the Olympic Marathon Trials this weekend. It all started with Desiree Linden in episode #27 and continued with episodes #30-37 including Molly Huddle, Shadrack Biwott, Emily Sisson, Scott Fauble, Stephanie Bruce, Jared Ward, Kellyn Taylor, and this final one with Sara Hall. You have a few days left to binge-listen if you haven't already to get fully prepped for the big day on February 29th! We hope to see you at our shake-out run on Saturday at 8:30 am. For more details, check out our twitter or instagram feed @cleansportco.