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Feb 23, 2020

Kellyn Taylor is a 2:24 marathoner and ranked #7 on the US all-time list, but her story is so much more interesting than a time on the clock. She's also training to be a firefighter, has a passion for fostering children, and is working to instill her trademark mental toughness in her own daughter. In this interview led by Kara and Shanna, we cover it all.

Kellyn tells us about her Wisconsin roots where she grew up doing gymnastics and playing soccer before running became her primary sport. She talks about her transition into pro running with MacMillan Elite before she made the shift to work with Ben Rosario at NAZ Elite.

She gives us the details behind her running highs and lows including two narrow misses for making the Olympic team in 2016 in both the marathon and 10K, her DNF at Boston in 2018 in nor'easter conditions, and her big PR in 2:24 at the Grandma's Marathon just 8 short weeks after the Boston disappointment. In addition, she shares personal stories about returning from pregnancy to run again and the roller-coaster ride it can be as a foster parent.

Finally, we discuss the clean sport culture within NAZ Elite and Kellyn's perspective on the great shoe debate, including why she believes that all carbon fiber plates should be banned. Like her teammates from this interview series Steph Bruce and Scott Fauble, Kellyn is an open book who isn't afraid to tell it like it is, and we appreciate her so much for that. We are excited to cheer her on from the sidelines in Atlanta next weekend!

As mentioned in the closing to the interview, you can meet the Clean Sport Collective podcast co-hosts in Atlanta on Saturday (Feb 29). We will be offering a 3-mile shake-out run with Kara, Shanna, and Chris at 8:30 am from the Olympic Rings in Centennial Olympic Park near the Trials finish line. Come for the run, meet the hosts, and get your CSC temporary tattoo to rep as you cheer for the Trials!