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Nov 24, 2019

We were very honored to sit down with Amelia Boone in New York City just before the marathon in a room full of gold shoes in the basement of Mile High Run Club. Amelia is not only a 4-time World Champion in the sport of obstacle course racing (OCR), but even more impressively, she did it while maintaining a full-time job as a corporate lawyer.

With this episode, Shanna and Chris interview Amelia to talk about her meteoric rise from 1st-timer to OCR World Champion. We discuss her background in sport and the keys to her championships including the grit and determination that drives her.

We dig into why Amelia decided to come forward about her struggles with an eating disorder and what her ongoing recovery looks like day to day. From there, we talk about the sport of OCR and how it's evolved since Amelia did her first race in 2011, including the clean sport culture and testing protocols (or lack thereof). She gives valuable insight into what events and sponsors should be doing to help the cause. Near the end, Amelia shares a lawyer's perspective on who she believes is the real MVP for Nike in the great shoe debate regarding the Nike Vapor Fly.

Amelia has a positive energy that is infectious and we dare you to listen to this one without smiling. Thank you to Amelia for sharing your story. 

For additional reading/listening, here is Amelia's initial public blog discussing her recovery from an eating disorder:
And here is the 2-hour Rich Roll podcast where she covers that topic in much more depth: