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Nov 10, 2019

In this episode, we bring you part two of our two-part interview with US marathon legend Frank Shorter. As a reminder, Frank Shorter is the only American to win two Olympic medals for the marathon distance earning gold in 1972 in Munich and silver in 1976 in Montreal. 

In this discussion with Chris and Kara, we pick up where we left off last time and hear additional stories on the early days of USADA and Frank's role in it from the early Balco scandal to the Lance Armstrong case. We also learn the behind-the-scenes story on why Frank stepped away from his active role with USADA in 2003.

From there, we fast forward to today to understand Frank's perspective on several recent topics in the sport of running including the Alberto Salazar suspension, the heartbreaking Mary Cain allegations against Salazar and the Oregon Project from this week, and of course, the great shoe debate of recent weeks.

Frank's perspective is invaluable as someone with a long and unique history in our sport. 

For reference, here is the video op-ed from the NY Times with Mary Cain: