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Nov 22, 2022

With crazy lives and busy schedules, it's been a minute since we published an episode, but we are excited to release this roundtable on recent current events in the realm of clean sport. Hosts Kara Goucher, Shanna Burnette, and Chris McClung all join to provide life updates and discuss:

- Bizarre cheating scandals in chess and fishing
- Doping positive for Simona Halep (former tennis #1) 
- Gold medal upgrade for former guest Lashinda Demus
- Recent Kenyan doping busts (including 2021 Boston champ and 3 pacemakers for Kipchoge's sub 2) 
- News of a previous doping suspension for NYRR's new Chairwoman - Nnenna Lynch

Listen in for our reactions to it all and for a few specific changes we would like to see on how doping positives are reported. We hope to be back to you periodically with similar roundtables in the ever-evolving world of doping and clean sport.

Note: Here is a link to an update on the Nnenna Lynch and NYRR story, including her statement which was released after this episode was recorded: