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Sep 22, 2019

With this week's episode, we follow one badass female track field athlete with another. Chris and Kara interview mom and 800m specialist Alysia Montaño (@alysiamontano) in a wide-ranging and emotional interview.

Alysia is a 6-time US Champion in the 800 and also owns 3 Bronze medals from 3 different World Championships. Unfortunately, 2 of those medals came via "medal upgrade" after drug cheat Mariya Savinova was convicted of doping violations. Alysia is finally due to receive those medals in a medal ceremony coming up next week at the 2019 World Championships in Doha.

In the interview, Alysia discusses the numerous challenges she has faced in track and field in spite of her success, including a contract pay reduction after only 1 year as a pro, competing against and being "robbed" by drug cheats, having her pay suspended during and after pregnancy, and the 6 and 9-year wait to finally receive the medals she earned in 2011 and 2013. 

Alysia talks about how the IAAF and the other powers-that-be in this sport have let her down and the trauma that it has caused her financially and emotionally. She also provides her perspective on what needs to change to protect clean athletes and female athletes who decide to start a family (#dreammaternity).

Alysia is real, honest, and brave in sharing her truth. Her story provides powerful perspective on why we need to elevate her voice for the sake of protecting current and future athletes from the challenges she has faced.